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Filter and fix SEO issues on your Shopify store with SEOPro


SEOPro is a Shopify app that you install on your Shopify Store via the Shopify App Store

Filter & Fix SEO issues quickly

SEOPro includes all the tools you need to identify the most pressing SEO issues on your Shopify store and prioritize what SEO issues to fix first.

Increase SEO ranking

SEOPro will improve the SEO on each of your Shopify store page. SEOPro will assist you to write better title and description to rank higher on Google.

Bulk SEO Editor

Once you've found the perfect SEO template for your Shopify store, SEOPro can apply it to all of your products with a click of a button to save you time.

Product Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does SEOPro works with Shopify store in any languages? 

Yes, SEOPro is language agnostic. SEOPro works with Shopify stores in any languages (English, French, Spanish, …)

Why do I need to optimize the SEO on my Shopify store?

Optimizing your Shopify Store SEO will make your Shopify product rank higher on Google. Ranking higher increases traffic to your Shopify store resulting in more sales for you.

What is optimized when installing SEOPro?

SEOPro optimizes the SEO for your Shopify products and your Shopify product collections. For each page, SEOPro optimizes title, description, metadata tags, image alt, meta descriptions, URLs and more. 

Install SEOPro on your Shopify Store

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